We are an innovative company that produces educational alternative content based on the concern and understanding of the visual impaired.

Next innovation is the company that research and develop software to solve access information for visually impaired.

‘Why are visually impaired difficult to read? How do blind person easily read a book?” After a few years of research and development, we produced SENSEE.
Since 2015, its founding in 2015, established a US corporation 'Touch Read Technologies' in 2017. We corporate with various blindness support organization and investment.

Developed SENSEE to create alternative content for visually impaired less than 30 seconds and propose the new solution for Braille content.
We create new system use by automatic Braille conversion and the new Braille display in the field of education for the visually impaired. We continuing working for equitable and no discriminate for visually impaired.

Main Activities

Next innovation has grown into a global blind specialist company that produce Braille conversion platform through SENSEE.

Specialized structural analysis and application

Next innovation will grow into a world class platform, hardware, and education expert group based on specialized structure. And we will jump up to be a leading company in the world with great service.

Change Ecosystem of the visually impaired.

We will create a better life for visually impaired by providing alternative content and education solutions based on platform business.

SENSEE platform will be used mainly social welfare center for the blind and substitute contents provision business.


Software and Hardware for the visually impaired, research and development of new technology to improve information accessibility.

Global Business

Providing alternative content for visually impaired people worldwide such as America, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.


Support program for improvement of education environment and have more great opportunities for visually impaired.


Next innovation consists of execution oriented sales marketing organization, strategic planning for developmental solution, also, research and development organization for manage to create the best effect with the best efficiency.

Founder Victor Insik Seo

Founder & CEO

Victor Insik Seo

family of visually impaired
4x founder & co-founder

Co-founder Alice Jiyun Cho

Co-founder & CSO

Alice Jiyun Cho

family of visually impaired

Global Network

US corporation and El Salvador Pilot project

As a representative company of the visually impaired people’s platform, Next Innovation aims to promote the excellent of Korean technology to the world through the market of Latin American including the United States. We are working on with KOICA and US corporation.

Silicon Valley (USA)

Network extension HUB for global business.

El Salvador

English, Spanish education contents solution project.

KOREA (Head office)

R&D and global business operations.


Computer Vision

Image processing technology

System Development

Cross-Platform, Devices, Education Technology, PC and Mobile S/W

Braille Converting

Worldwide language large-capacity real-time braille conversion technology

Braille Display

Cutting edge Braille expression technology