Have you ever imagined that visual impaired person receives the same information as non-disable person?

Visually impaired person restricted approach to information, but that does not mean that their curiosity about the world disappears. They want to know much information about the world in various ways.

However, alternative content is only 2% of the total E-book production, it doesn't satisfy demand.

We try to solve this problem.

What if a visually impaired person can see, hear and feel the same amount of information as non-disable person?
How will their lives change?

Ecosystem of the blind

Next Innovation takes the initiative in accessing information for the visually impaired. We provide the solve the problem of alternative contents for the visually impaired. And we distributed large text book and braille books.

Change Ecosystem of the Blind

We will take the lead in changing the system of visually impaired people by production contents, utilization content, and education for the disabled.

Make contents

Use contents

Education of visually impaired